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Today has been a battle

Posted in Staying quit 07 Apr 2018

Uurrgghhh. Just when I think most of the deceased estate stuff is over, something else pops up and causes more problems. I'm about to start pulling my hair out. Now I have to spend hours going through paperwork and emails etc finding anything overlooked and writing out reports to try and sort everything out. Being on my laptop and doing paperwork are my main two 'triggers' not to mention the stress and frustration of it all. So, I've packed up my laptop and all my paperwork and have gone to a friends house where no one smokes. I am quietly sitting in a spare room, alone. It doesn't seem as stressful at someone else's house or maybe it's just my 'inbuilt manners and respect' which are not allowing myself to over react or get carried away. It's much less tempting here as I know it is impossible to smoke at all, even outside!

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  • Ted67, Mid North Coast April 08, 2018 | 8:39
    Hi Mushroom, for me this is day 3 and I must admit that last night and this morning I did have some cravings. But apart from that, I am sort of ok. Sounds like you are in a rough patch in your life at the moment. Hang in there - all things pass. Good luck with the paperwork.
  • Paidi April 10, 2018 | 1:21
    Hi Mushroom, I'm sorry you're sad. Change your name to Happy Mushroom and you'll feel better. Stay off the smokes. Stay at your friend's house, or go to a movie theatre. Maybe go to church. There are lots of places where you can pass time and not smoke. Keep up your spirit.
  • Sad_Mushroom, Southern NSW April 10, 2018 | 20:02
    Hi, Thanks!
    Weird thing is, since my post on the 7th I haven't had a craving or anything. I had forgotten all about smokes until this morning when I saw someone else smoking and thought "oh, I'd forgotten about smokes" and that was it. Around lunchtime, I passed by a man who smelt like cigarettes and again I thought "oh, I'd forgotten about smokes" and again that was it. I haven't thought about smokes at all, and it's really surprised me.

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