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15 Months, most confident I have been so far

Posted in Staying quit 04 Apr 2018

I am over 15 months quit and feeling the most confident I have felt throughout my quit so far. I have read that the nicotine receptors in the brain remain active for approximately 5 years. I would say cravings are triggered for me when I smell cigarette smoke ( although at the same time, I find it disgusting and repulsive ?? ) I have been reading "easy way to quit" again and will be attending a live seminar in another month. I want to attend the seminar as a thank you to the Allan Carr foundation and also to refresh the reasons I don't want to smoke. As I have said before, nothing is ever 100% for sure, but I am feeling VERY confident this quit is for good. I can rationalize that smoking does nothing for me. Without wanting the cigarette, there is no willpower required.

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  • Kramo April 04, 2018 | 11:14
    Wow. Sounds a lot like me...except I've been a non-smoker for only 5 months. I LOVE the freedom. The smell also attracts and repels me though.
  • NotThisTime April 08, 2018 | 3:38
    Kramo, 5 months is amazing! It seems like yesterday I was celebrating making it to 3 weeks and then 3 months. Before you know it you will be smoke free for a year. I do remember having some difficult time periods around the 6 month marker and 9 month marker. Its like the nico demon having one last kick at the cat before dying out for good. I mention these possible road blocks not to deter you, but to assure you IF they do happen they are normal and you can make it through them.

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