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Hunter New England

No PUFF !!!

Posted in Staying quit 03 Apr 2018

Well today was hard I been smoke free for236 days . Have had some difficult issues too deal with over the last month.I bought some nicorette gum today and immediently sat and chewed on a bus seat.Now I feel slack cos I gave in........At least I didn't have that 1 PUFF!!!

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  • latarnya, Hunter New England April 09, 2018 | 10:12
    Thank you I have not gave into the crave for the gum so I all clean again ZR
  • NotThisTime April 08, 2018 | 20:14
    Hi Latarnya, I agree with Dottily, you should feel proud of yourself for not smoking a cigarette and choosing the nicorette gum in place of smoking. When you choose the nicorette gum, you were not giving into the brainwashing that smoking does to us. We associate the craving with the physical act of smoking a cigarette when we are over 3 days quit. Nicotine is completely gone from your system at the 3 day marker, so its only the reward / pleasure of smoking you are seeking after being quit this long. The only caution I would say is that you have reintroduced nicotine into your system and you should be aware that you might experience the physical nicotine withdrawals symptoms. You have come so far, being over 230 days quit, what an amazing accomplishment!
  • Dottily April 04, 2018 | 9:39
    Hi Latarnya, don’t feel slack, feel proud of yourself for making the right choice! It strikes me as being an absolutely sensible use of NRT, to avoid taking that puff. I’ve been smoke free almost five years and I still carry some NRT lozenges in my bag. I haven’t had to use them for years, but I promised myself if I ever felt at risk of picking up a cigarette I would try NRT first. BTW, after all this time I have absolutely no desire to smoke, even in horrid times of stress. Well done you!

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