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any help willl do

Posted in Hints and tips 01 Apr 2018

Ive been a smoke for 4 years now and i smoke upto 20+ smokes a day. I quit for 2 months in 2016 but started again at the start of last year due to stress from the violent relationship that i was in. I have been trying to quit smoking for a good 6 months and i have tried champix and if worked for a while but it had started making me feel sick. i want to quit to get active and live a healthier life style. can anyone recommend good quitting strategies! does patches work? or should i go to a sauna as ive heard that a sauna is good for quitting smoking

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  • Webbquit May 30, 2018 | 15:22
    what would be a good stratergy is if they had cigarettes that came in say a 4 pack that way people could possibly control how much they smoke rather than buying say a 20 pack and feeling tempted to smoke them all.
  • Mrs mac, Northern NSW April 23, 2018 | 6:25
    I don’t think it is stupid. It’s an addiction. I started smoking over 50 years ago, at age 14 when everyone smoked and we all loved it! Now I have to stop because it has affected my health. I’m on day 19 and it has been very hard, but I keep thinking about how scared and anxious I felt when I thought I was getting I’ll from smoking. I feel so much better, so quickly, and can breathe easily, no cough, no anxiety anymore. I just tell myself I have all the strength of mind that I need, and will not let. Cigarette be my boss! When I get a craving, I tell myself that I don’t smoke anymore, and do some deep breathing, and then do someth8ng physical. Anything. Just don’t sit still in a craving. Even just getting up and walking around the house is helpful. Good luck to everyone. It is a challenge that we can all meet successfully.
  • Paidi April 10, 2018 | 1:06
    I notice people often say it is stupid to smoke. As hallibean says, it is an addiction, but I also agree that it is really, really stupid, with a capital stu.
  • hallibean April 09, 2018 | 1:57
    You can do it! Believe in yourself. I don't agree with Red about being stupid. It is an addiction a terribly strong addiction. But take it one minute at a time. If you feel a craving, talk yourself thru it (they don't last that long) tell yourself you are stronger than this and you can do it. I have a sign on my bathroom mirror.. "Believe in yourself and Trust in Him"
  • Red-67 April 02, 2018 | 3:57
    I don't know about the sauna, but, everything you need, is right between your ears.. You might find Allen Carr's book, The easy way to quit smoking, helpful. Let yourself really see how stupid smoking is, and make up your mind, you just don't want it any more. Nobody is lighting them, and poking them into your mouth, right ? We let smoking run our life, so all you have to do, is take your brain back, and just stop. SMOKING MAKES YOU STUPID ! That's how it works. I WAS a stupid smoker for 45 years.. You can do it too :)

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