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Posted in Reasons to quit 29 Mar 2018
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Hi folks- I have had a lot of smoke-free days lately. The other day I destroyed my packet. A Quit Line counselor calculated that over a six month timeframe sixty percent of my days were smoke-free. I am feeling a little stronger. I got twenty days up twice. I did it with NRT and willpower. I self talked my way through it. If I thought of smoking I would say no to smoking and reassure myself "you've done it before you can do it again.' I say 'I don't smoke' I live one day at a time I say 'No thanks, not today. It's working. I am two days smoke-free.

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  • colloquial March 30, 2018 | 23:00
    just go cold turkey..dont put one in your matter what..thats the matter what have to want to,not ask some drug to ,you do it,you can do it ,get through each craving,then the next,then tomorrow,, matter each craving each day passes it does get easier...then its this process..NO MATTER WHAT..NO MATTER WHAT..DO NOT put one in your mouth..NO MATTER WHAT!

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