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NRT to help stay Quit

Posted in Staying quit 24 Mar 2018

Hi all, I have been on this journey now for 5 weeks but I reset my quit date to last Sunday as I had a few slips. After reading NRT info, which is available on the website, I decided to use the patches for the 3 months to reduce cravings. I realise they come and go and can be intense, but given how long I have smoked for (33 years), I think I will keep the patches on now. I put on this afternoon ( I have several boxes lying around) and it does make me feel better actually. It is the step 2, 14 mg. The research on the website said that NRT and combined ones gives one the best success rate. I did hypnosis (very expensive!!) and it wasn't effective.

Cold Turkey I realise works for a lot of people, but the cravings float around alot and my guy is coming back with his ciggies, so I think it will be easier to resist if I have patches on for a few months.

Stay strong. It's great to read people's stories and experiences.

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  • colloquial March 25, 2018 | 9:10
    Good job Lizzr,its how many times you get knoked down but how many times you get back up.Think how empowered you will feel when you final start getting no cravings even when you're fella is around smoking .Maybe you will be his inspiration to give up the bloody things also.Keep going Lizz and NO MATTER WHAT! do not smoke
  • Steve01 March 26, 2018 | 20:24
    Yep...great going Liza

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