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30 days today! $400

Posted in Quit experiences 22 Mar 2018

Hi, I'm on day 30 today and apparently $400 plus richer! Life is looking good. Last time I made 4 months & it seemed much harder then, I struggled along as I was always annoyed that I couldn't smoke, it was always such an effort. In a way I think I felt I was depriving myself of something I really wanted. This time I just know I don't want to smoke anymore, I've seriously had enough. Sure, it is really hard at times still but I feel it's much easier to turn off a craving and getting easier to be around friends smoking. Instead of thinking I wish I could have one too, I look at them & think I just don't want to be like that anymore (they might look like they're enjoying their drinks and smokes) but how do they feel each morning coughing and spluttering & wanting to give up themselves. I want to be healthy and free. I have been experiencing too many benefits to go back now. I have been reading through many new stories etc, which I will try to comment on but there are so many - this is a good thing - so I will just say "Good Luck" to everyone, keep up the good work and try to change your brain pattern any way you can. If you truly want to quit - you will.

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  • weewillem March 23, 2018 | 0:12
    Good work Sharn. I believe that the road to freedom is to have a positive mindset and to be grateful that you have your life back and are no longer a slave
  • Sharn , Mid North Coast March 23, 2018 | 11:47
    Thanks Weewillem, so far so good......... hope you are doing well!

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