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Quitting Smoking And Doing Alright I think!!!!!!

Posted in Staying quit 22 Mar 2018

Hello everyone, I've been one of these smokers that was really heavy....... I had my very first cigarette when I was 17 years old and just after that first one that was it I kept smoking after that!!!!!!!! I then got into a relationship and was smokes free for 3 years but as soon as it all went wrong I turned for a cigarette...... I'm now 28 years old and I gave up as of 24 days ago which is a great achievement for me....... I'm just worried that I've lost my complexion my hands and feet and my face are all whiter than the rest of me but I guess that's what happens when you smoke for a long period you lose your circulation

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  • Sharn, Mid North Coast March 22, 2018 | 17:26
    congratulations on being free for 24 days! not sure about hands, feet & face to do with circulation but I do know that smoking must affect it somewhat as whilst I was smoking I was experiencing unusual numbness & tingling in my arms whilst asleep. It was waking me up every night many times during the night & it was not the arm I was lying on, it was the opposite one so I was constantly rolling over then it would happen to the other arm. I was also getting cramps in my legs at night & tingling sensations. Since I stopped smoking I have not experienced this at all. Not once. This certainly tells me is proof that smoking was affecting my circulation & yes may be what you are experiencing but having different effects. Our poor bodies, with what we have put them through. I'm so happy that has gone as it was quite disturbing. Don't worry, your body should go back to normal in time. Just keep up the good work.
  • weewillem March 23, 2018 | 0:17
    When I USED to go to the local newsagency to get my fags there were alot of older smokers turning up there to get their tobacco and alot of them had cardiovascular diseases - they found it painful to walk, or they had scooters or frames to walk with. It was horrific. I still bought my tobacco, though.
  • Paidi April 06, 2018 | 7:16
    Hi Sal, At 28 years old, you're young enough that your lungs may regain completely normal function if you stay QUIT. I can personally vouch for the fact that if you resume and continue smoking, your lungs will lose capacity, you'll lose endurance and eventually won't be able to exercise, walk fast, keep up with young children etc. So be strong and say no.

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