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Posted in Getting started 20 Mar 2018

It wasn't until I gave up smoking that I realised I had been preparing for a very long time to give up. In my mind I had wanted to but I just didn't want to do the early hard yards. So, I looked at cutting back like most people do. Instead of lighting up first thing in the morning I would wait 1.2 an hour, or an hour, or even 2 hours, ocassionally I would wait until around 11am before lighting up and think wow I can do it! This went on for many weeks, months, even years as there were times when you just couldn't smoke ie. long haul flights, hospital procedures, seminars, work commitments etc as well. Each time I would say to myself, there you can do it and it didn't hurt you. Then bang, something would happen and I would be back to smoking when I felt like it....I am now going on 4 months smoke free and I look back and realise that all those times I went without did do me some good as it prepared me for when I did give up. Believe me it is so worth it. I still pinch myself as I can't believe I have done it! I love being a non smoker!

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  • Steve01 March 20, 2018 | 23:20
    That's a great story puffer. Thanks for sharing it.
  • SteveJ March 25, 2018 | 13:37
    Mate, day 3 of attempt ....... so many, I keep reading posts like this when it gets tough. My prep has been the many attempts but recently how much reading I have done in terms of research and other pieces. I think it has helped. Thanks for sharing your stories

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