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sick of cough for 3 month after quiting

Posted in Staying quit 20 Mar 2018

I stopped smoking 3 month ago after 2 year smoking i am 24 year old..

But just after quiting i have cough with lots of phlegum and chest pain...but i am still on the way of being non smoker...

But little bit worry about my cough that's even present after 3 month of quiting..

Is that long time coughing is common??

Pls help me and advice me..pls pls

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  • Puffer March 20, 2018 | 14:51
    Hi Rocky1947. If I was you I would go and see a doctor. It may be that you have a chest infection or worse, you have bronchitis. You will need to be treated. I smoked for 40 odd years and was not well with phlegm and coughing for a couple of weeks after quitting but do not have anything now. It has been nearly 4 months for me since giving up. See your doctor!
  • Rocky1947 March 20, 2018 | 15:49
    Thanks for suggesting me
    I had made an appointment with doctor he done 4 tests result of test will be available after 5 days.. hope everything will be fine
    Pray for me
  • Gandalf0212 March 21, 2018 | 5:44
    I agree with Puffer; go see a Doctor and get a chest xray, check for bronchitis and lung capacity. I am 36 days smoke free and have been smoking for over 50 years and my persistent cough went away in 2 weeks. Good luck and let us know how the tests go !

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