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So much to look forward to

Posted in Hints and tips 20 Mar 2018

Nicotine dependency recovery can be our greatest personal awakening ever. Imagine destroying needless quitting fears by understanding them, and thus being able to better notice and savor the beauty about to unfold before you.

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  • Puffer March 20, 2018 | 14:55
    Hi weewillem, great to see you are still visiting regularly. I feel a sense of euphoria having given up smoking. I am so so pleased with myself. Oh I still have the cravings every now and again but they pass and it is easy when you don't have smokes in the house. Approaching 4 months for me. Am savoring the beauty :)
  • turnerd, Murrumbidgee March 20, 2018 | 20:01
    to rocky
    hope your result is good
    as not all lung cancer causes a cough as i have just had three quarters of my lung removed due to stage 2 adencarcoma and i was very lucky that it wasnt my death sentence i had no cough
  • weewillem March 20, 2018 | 23:21
    Hey, well done Puffer. I am following way behind you because I have only just escaped this week. This is it this time, I feel very positive and happy to be free, and looking forward to the future.

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