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Week 2 almost over

Posted in Quit experiences 14 Mar 2018
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Hello All

Ok so got 15 days behind me as I quit 7h00 on 27 Feb 2018.

Morning was very interesting.

Had to talk harsh to my little girl due to her lying to me.

But to tell the truth I think I also added some of my not smoking into my anger as well.

After I dropped my little girl off at school and started the journey to work.

All the way to work I am just thinking of how good that one puff will be now. My travel time to work is normally 35 minutes.

But then I started to recall my previous failed to quit attempt.

How was that starting again:

1. It tasted bad.

2. Got a major head rush.

3. Felt guilty that I failed.

4. And just continued smoking.

So after recalling all of that.

Got to work without a puff and mouth washed my mouth with some water.

Proud of my self that I did not pull over to get a loose ciggie and smoke that one puff.

Hope you all find something in here and also keep on going.

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1 Comment

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  • Lookingforfreedom1 March 26, 2018 | 7:08
    Well done for not caving to the mind tricks ,hope it's continued. I'm sure your girl will forgive your anger when you've kicked the smokes. I have had a few moments similar ,I have an 8 yr old and had to apologise and say mummy's a little extra cranky while she is giving up cigarettes . He's forgiven me ,it's normally teatime and it's my craving time ,he's not eating dinner fast enough so I can continue to keep busy by washing the plate he's eating from lol. Oh well day 41 getting there after 35 years smoking cancer sticks!

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