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Stress but still smoke free week 6

Posted in Quit experiences 14 Mar 2018
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I quit feb 6th so im starting my 6th week now , I feel great . I had " depression" which I would better call down in the dumps and I was in a horrible place but really did not feel tempted to have a ciggie ... I have just got back from holidays in Mexico , really great and did nt want a ciggie at all , but my return ffligh last friday was for no reason cancelled and they couldnt get be on a flght until 2 days later , so stress was immense . getting hotel , explaing to work etc ... but i never once wanted a cig , i just keep thinking " if i have a ciggie , will be problem go or be less ? " and of course it wont , this is what i read in Allan Carrs book and its stuck in my mind , everytime when the going gets rough and i feel like a cig I just remember them words .

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1 Comment

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  • GreenDragonZA March 14, 2018 | 17:08
    Congrats and well done sir.
    Their is no reason to go back after 6 WEEKS!!!.

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