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The fight is never over

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Mar 2018

Dear Friends, although it is now 141st day since I redeemed back my freedom and started to enjoy life once again by my own, I had a slip up in my dream twice both last week and this week. I was so much astonished how this could happen? I was shocked in both instances though I tried to get back to my dreams and preferred to smoke unconsciously. This shows that the devil is in the hiding so it is good to remain vigilant all the time.

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  • Red-67 March 08, 2018 | 6:18
    Hey girl, dreams don't count. It's perfectly natural to dream something we did for so long. The only dream that worries me, is the one where you get up and go to the bathroom :) And, I'm sure we all still have the memory of a good stiff drink, and a smoke.. It's natural. We WERE long time smokers..
    It's much like my first wife. I still remember the love I had for her, at the time.. It doesn't mean, I'll forget that she just loved my pay check, and gave all the good stuff to my, ( best friend ), behind my back :) So, I don't want another cigarette, any more than I want her back.. LOL
  • colloquial March 08, 2018 | 9:42
    Good on ya Brooky for 141 days,amazing effort.Thanks for the warning and advice about staying vigilant.I reckon its so easy to fall into a false sense of security and confidence because we've gone this many days or that many months etc.Not sure about the dream though,reckon Id rather be dreamin' about Cameron Diaz or Elle Machperson(don't tell me missus) than a bloody smoke.At least you recognised it for what it was,a dream.No way after 141 you are gonna let all that hard work be for nothing.keep it up my dear and...NO MATTER WHAT! do not smoke
  • Brooky March 08, 2018 | 22:51
    Thank Red-67 and colloquial. Yes of course there is no going back, never. By the way Red-67 I am not a girl. I am a father of two children.
  • Red-67 March 10, 2018 | 5:31
    OK,, My bad :) I guess I should have gone back to some of your stories :)
    You know what they say about assuming,, I was going by the name, and those pretty feet :) AND,, The fight can be over. It's all in your point of view, and you will know when :) You got this, DUDE :)
  • ronryan65, Western NSW May 04, 2018 | 0:09
    Well Done Brooky Im really proud of you, I remember when you first started here and the circumstances that brought you to your Decision and now look at you, Couto's to you for hanging in there, your Family must be very proud of you to and what you have achieved, the Dreams seemed so real from what I remember but just a phase remember you smoked for a long time, like an on old friend it will come from time to time to remined you, like Red say's You got this Bro keep hanging in there and take it on, One Day At A Time
  • Brooky May 04, 2018 | 0:50
    Thank you Ronryan65, it is really a big chance to come across people like you on fight against this terrible bad habit. I am almost approaching my seventh month, still going strong. I have set up a Facebook account and I have about 121 members so far. It is my responsibility to be a good example for the others who have quitted and those who have not yet decided yet but still thinking of getting rid of it. In brief, it seems for me something distant in my memory. Of course, as you said it, it is now we could fail in its trap so I remain vigilant of any temptations : i.e. some times you feel as if you have completely done with it so a puff or a cigarette just for fun could be OK. But I kill the idea immediately by reminding myself that if I touch that killer stick anymore it will be over. So I get back to my reasonable self and walk away. Thank you for giving your time and concern.

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