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2 Years

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Mar 2018

I've been smoke free for two years (and a couple of days). I haven't been here since around the 9 month mark and I wanted to come back and say thank you to a community that helped me through the hardest period of quitting.

I also encourage any new people here to read the experiences of your peers and share your story. Something as simple as leaving a word of encouragement on another persons post, or sharing how your feeling at the moment can go a long way to staying quit.

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  • Dobbin March 03, 2018 | 7:40
    Well done Gebstar remember you well. Fantastic effort.
  • NotThisTime March 03, 2018 | 8:55
    Way to go Gebstar! 15 months is coming up for me which and then my next milestone (in my mind at least) is 2 years. Reading that the last time you were on the site was at the 9 month marker indicates to me that it got easier for you after that time period. I was in a similar situation, where I found it much easier after the 10 month mark. Knowing you made it to 2 years gives me encouragement! Thanks for sharing your success!
  • storm, Murrumbidgee March 10, 2018 | 16:48
    Well Done Gebstar, i remember you well, you started a couple of weeks before I did

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