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1000 days and 900 days smoke free is so good...

Posted in Hints and tips 23 Feb 2018
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900 days for Dobbin. 1000 days for me. Never a contest or a race. Merely a shared quitting journey over a long period of time. Thanks, Dobbin. When one has been here for some time there is the opportunity to share and also to encourage and praise the journey of fellow quitters. Dobbin and others often provide the encouragement and camaraderie needed for me and others to go the distance. I discovered I could do it on my own but there is nothing better than reminders and the comments of like minded determined battlers. THANKS everyone.

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1 Comment

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  • Dobbin February 24, 2018 | 16:54
    Your first millennium Lia and what a milestone. Can remember the early days with all its angst and trials but who would have thought 1000 days was achievable with such brilliant rewards ? Although I rarely think of wanting a puff to be free of the stinking smelly expensive anti social dangerous habit is the greatest reward. Well done again and stay with us please as you are and have been a really great help to so many of us. And yes , this is a mutual appreciation society.

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