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50 not out

Posted in Staying quit 21 Feb 2018

Today (for me) apparently is a big milestone in "quitworld".50 days off 'em.Wow I feel great,I feel proud and empowered about this small achievement.My wife my kids and my grandkids are also proud and amazed.I realise that the journey is not over but I am glad I am on the way and this site has inspired and kept me focused so thankyou to all of you.It is a cliché I know but if I can do it anyone can,just NO MATTER WHAT,seriously no matter WHAT!DO NOT SMOKE.100 not out here I come.

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  • Red-67 February 21, 2018 | 10:40
    Hey :)
    50 days is no small achievement. With Cold Turkey you are well away from the nicotine addiction. Just mind control to beat the habit now. Don't look back. Choose to be a non smoker.. You got this :)
  • Sharn, Mid North Coast February 21, 2018 | 11:29
    Yay! That's fantastic, so proud of you - 50 days is huge. Well done, keep up the good work.
  • jenno211058 February 21, 2018 | 20:30
    Well done, congrats on you 50th day..bring on the 100th day, you can do it.
  • LizRokka, Northern Sydney February 22, 2018 | 18:56
    Brilliant work. Really inspiring. Keep up the great effort. It's clearly paying off.
  • Pegster February 24, 2018 | 3:58
    Can't wait till I experience that number as well. I can definitely say that the folks that have commented on your story have been a huge inspiration for me! Keep going and give us updates to encourage us new folks. Day 21 for me. :-)
  • Lia February 25, 2018 | 20:38
    Hi colloquial. You have experienced some of the worst days and gradually it will become easier if you so choose. 50 days initially is such hard work as only those on this site can attest to. Ever heard a non smoker say they would like to light up? Probably not? So carry on and the former is not a reward for you perseverance. Onwards and upwards.

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