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Day 2 of my on again, off again habit :(

Posted in Quit experiences 24 Apr 2012

I feel like im that person who is constantly trying an failing at my attempts of not smoking, when the first time i was on this site i was powering through with not a thought of picking up another smoke.

Im trying to get myself in that mind frame again cause im 100% certain that i no longer want to smoke. I dislike it alot an i want to focus on my health.

im on my second day and so far everything is good. Very few cravings, i can only recall two cravings. Nothing a glass of water and an apple cant fix and sometimes i just brush my teeth when i crave.

I really wanted to delete this account and create a new one, but thats not going to change anything and this way i have all my other posts and how i was before an can learn a bit more each time.

I downloaded an app on my iPhone when i quit and i am currently 1 day, 17hours and 56minutes smoke free. I like that i have it in the palm of my hands cause i can look at it and remind myself of my achievement.

Heres to the finally kicking the habit (i hope).

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  • dr.feelgood, Western NSW April 24, 2012 | 21:56
    do you really want to kick the habit?? why put i hope you must think you going to fail, well all the best.
  • dr.feelgood, Western NSW April 24, 2012 | 22:07
    you were taking zyban 26th march you said they kicked in quicker than champix you didn't even last a month what is left cold turkey?
  • Roseyk April 24, 2012 | 22:31
    Don't ever give up on trying to give up Rhys. The more times you try, the closer you will get to eventually succeeding. Be strong, focused and most importantly positive that you can do it. And ignore any negative comments thrown your way. You will get there one day and when you do you will never turn back. Best of luck Buddy:)
  • NowaNonSmoker!, Western Sydney April 24, 2012 | 23:00
    You can do it!
  • Meanie, Mid North Coast April 26, 2012 | 7:03
    Keep on trying Rhys, you obviously just need that final bit of determination to succeed but you'll get there if that's what you want... stay positive.

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