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This is sort of off topic

Posted in Hints and tips 22 Apr 2012

I had a clean out of my wardrobe and sorted what to keep and what to give to the Salvos. I washed and ironed everything to get rid of the smoke smell and now I'm told that washing the clothes doesn't get rid of the smell. 

Anyone have any input on this?

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  • bluenaite, Hunter New England April 22, 2012 | 23:08
    Washing does get rid of the smell but if they are hung in a room where people smoke or used to smoke they will absorb the cigarette smell from the carpet, walls, furniture etc, I have noticed that since I quit that the ashtray smell is still lingering in my computer room and my clothes have been absorbing that smell.
  • Gayld, Northern NSW April 23, 2012 | 17:00
    Thanks bluenaite, the clothes were only in my bedroom and I never smoked in there!

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