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Day 37

Posted in Quit experiences 22 Apr 2012

Last night and today I've had the strong urge to have a smoke and I don't know why. I got to the point where I wasn't even thinking about cigarrettes but last night I was so close to getting in the car and going to buy some. Today is not much better, especially when I'm stuffing myself with chocolate!!

I've been trying to keep myself busy but there is only so much I can do because of medical conditions! That's my whinge for the day!! Good luck to everyone on this journey!!

hugs xx

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  • Gam, Hunter New England April 22, 2012 | 17:03
    Well done Gayld! cant believe that your up to day 37 already, That time has gone fast ( for me, probably not you).
    Those crazy craving get pretty intense at times, and there's been times where I think it's easier to just go and buy a packet.
    But then, look how far we have come. Does anyone in their right mind want to start this journey again. I certainly dont, and honestly dont think I could.
    So it's just testing us, keeping us alert.
    I am up to day 100 and whatever and I still get those cravings. Just keep focused and no matter what dont give in. the cravings pass and you'll have a week or so of smooth sailing. It's a never ending game. But the longer you stay quit the longer between these crazy thoughts.
    Your definately not alone.
    we are all relating to this.. So good luck and stay strong. It will get easier xoxox
  • kyliej, South Western Sydney April 22, 2012 | 20:03
    Great work Gayld!! your little cravings will always come and go, in my very first attempts years ago I took up crocheting while watching tv etc and it did work for some time except like I mentioned in my first stor, I am easily misled and encouraged by others. Its not their faults, its mine for letting my guard down and giving in so easily. If you can do it till now, you can certainly keep going....good on you love..think of how you can really feel your lungs breathing, If it was me I would take do some cardio, yoga workout dvds at home. Yoga is great it will teach you how to use your lungs again. Good luck and keep it up
  • Gayld, Northern NSW April 23, 2012 | 17:02
    Thanks for the support guys. I found out today that I have to have surgery sometime before November so that is another incentive to not smoke again!!
  • Pauly, South Eastern Sydney April 24, 2012 | 21:15
    Thanks for your post Gayld, it helped me a lot. As you may know, I gave in and had a smoke on day 10. It was a day I was feeling really good about myself (very mentally taxing isn't?). I am so happy you stayed strong.
    I'm also sorry to hear that you need surgery but yes you are right! more incentive for you, not great incentive, but incentive all the same.
    Cheers, P.

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