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Smoking dreams

Posted in Quit experiences 30 Jan 2018

876 days quit and had a weird dream. Dreamed I was playing at Glastonbury and on the way got stuck in a cafe waiting for other band members to turn up. In frustration someone offered me a cigarette which I took and lit up. Thought I better share this as who knows what deep subconscious thoughts lurk in us.

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  • kath55 February 13, 2018 | 23:14
    Oh!, Johnnie you have made feel much better thank you, I felt these sickies were never ending, now I see light at the end of the tunnel xx
  • Johnnie , South Eastern Sydney February 05, 2018 | 8:01
    Hi Kath.....yes all part of the process. You go through amazing changes and yes you become sick mostly with breathing sensations,wild coughing and possibly long term virus infections as happened to me. Now at 575 days quit however it is all behind me and do not even stand the smell of smokes. Hang in there it will all come good. Cheers.
  • kath55 February 03, 2018 | 22:28
    I have been quit 275 days, I don't know what it is..if it's my mind playing tricks on me, but I have never felt so sick, it seems to be one illness after another, can anyone tell me if this sort of thing has happened to you.
  • Dobbin February 01, 2018 | 21:52
    Thanks folks. Great to see how well you are doing. You are right we are never quite “ safe “ but hey isn’t it great having the choice ?
  • jenno211058 February 01, 2018 | 20:51
    Yes Dobbin, i can very much relate to that experience..... x amount of months had past and then 1 morning i had woken myself up in fright, cause i had woken up very disappointed with myself, i dreamed i had a smoke.....because it seemed so real, but in my smoking days i never smoked in bed...
    I cupped my hand up to my mouth and softly blew into my hand, phew no smoke smell, but that dream was sooooo real.
    So the Nicotine Devil still sits on my shoulder just waiting for the chance to pounce....
    We may have stopped smoking but we always have to be cautious...
    You are correct, Johnnie, the $$$$$ of smokes, another price rise is due again...
    Take care.
  • Johnnie , South Eastern Sydney January 31, 2018 | 20:47
    Hey Dobbin hope you doing well mate. I am on 565 days now and yes i have had some dreams like that and actually saw myself rolling and lighting smokes. Needl ess to say i woke up in fright as if "what have i done"? Mate i do not think there will be going back to smokes now....anyway i could not afford them here in NSW. Bye mate all the best.

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