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4 weeks

Posted in Quit experiences 29 Jan 2018

wow...4 weeks.big milestone for me.Still think about smoking though not in a wanting one way,more like getting through each day and the pride and empowerment that comes with not giving in.I am determined and focused to not smoke,NO MATTER WHAT.To those of you who have given up for a long tie your stories on here inspire me so thank you and to those who are just starting out on your 'Quit' adventure keep going,If I can do it,you can

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  • jenno211058 January 29, 2018 | 22:20
    Yes and 4 weeks is a great achievement, stay focused on your goal and pretty soon you can start peeling another day, week, month, months, then a year, how awesome is have learnt to let go of the false friend and have survived, pat yourself on your back.
    Smokes have played a very major in our lives always, but we can do without them and you should start seeing some of your rewards of, extra $$$ in your wallet, your breath and your clothes and your surroundings don't stink like the ashtray.....if you had a cough? It should be easing by now.....the benefits of stopping certainly outweigh smoking cause apart from satisfying us for a about 5 minutes, there certainly is no benefits in smoking.
    You can do it.
  • Kramo January 30, 2018 | 12:03
    That's great. I'm 14 weeks I know what an accomplishment 4 weeks is. I don't have a lot to say that you don't know. I miss it...momentarily..once or twice a day. But I don't crave it. And I really don't miss it when I think about the stink...the poison...the handcuffs...and idiocy of literally choking myself to death. Actually...the last few years of my 40 year, pack a day habit were disgusting. That's part of what made quitting easy. That...and when the dental surgeon said there would be no point operating and doing bone grafts if I was still going to smoke. The best part...aside from the absolute knowing that if I can quit cigarettes...I can do almost anything. Keep going!
  • Red-67 January 31, 2018 | 5:43
    Well done, and well said, all of you :)
    A month, with no nicotine, pretty much frees your body of the addiction. The rest is all in your mind, and you can put it behind you for good.. Just make smoking a bad memory, of something stupid you did for too long.. :)
  • jenno211058 February 10, 2018 | 13:15
    Hi just checking in on your greatest milestone in your personal life....
    Haven't seen any latest messages from you, so i can only hope
    You are doing ok on your journey.

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