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no matter what

Posted in Staying quit 22 Jan 2018

Hi ..three weeks today..cold turkey..its getting easier each day..the thought of having one does not disgust me and that keeps me thinking that I'm not done yet,not by a long way.But my resolve is strong and I have notes around our home and in my car that simply say NO MATTER WHAT.Good luck to each of you on here trying,do not give in,It does get easier,it does and NO MATTER WHAT! just don't smoke

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  • jenno211058 January 22, 2018 | 21:33
    You are doing great, but you are still on early days so be very cautious...but stay positive and you can achieve your goal.
  • Red-67 January 23, 2018 | 6:17
    That's GREAT :)
    At 3 weeks, cold turkey, you may feel a break soon. Your body should be free of nicotine about now, and the physical withdrawal, is near complete.. The rest, is all in your mind. Let yourself see the reality of smoking. As smokers, we could not admit to ourselves, just what all we did, just to satisfy our need to smoke.. Money, time, inconvenience, and health ! Make that smoke something you never WANT again. Learn to think like a non smoker, and you can have this whipped :) No craving, or missing, just set yourself free :)

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