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On day 4

Posted in Quit experiences 16 Jan 2018

i quit 4 days ago and now am somewhat nervous. please help me to stay stonger

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  • Kales, Hunter New England January 17, 2018 | 23:26
    Today would be day 5 keep going you can do this. You chose to quit for a good reason remember what that reason is you've come so far nearly a week into this the withdrawals will soon be over. Best wishes to you
  • Red-67 January 18, 2018 | 2:47
    That's right.. It's been 5 days and you did not die :) If you stayed with cold turkey, you will be miserable for a while, but it is so worth it.. For me, week 2 and 3 were really bad, but by the end of week 4, I knew I was free, and would never crave, or want for a smoke. let yourself see, just how stupid it really is to smoke. Let yourself see, that we were just a slave to a cigarette. Make that smoke something you just don't want :)

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