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staying quit???

Posted in Quit experiences 10 Jan 2018
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I am on day 215 now

As far as quitting my only problem is the sometimes string urges to smoke

I have learned that if I ignore them they will go away fairly quickly

but I still hate them

I worried that by not coughing up any dark substances from my lungs that I may have COPD,,, if I do,,I do,,, cant do anything about it at this point so have stopped worrying about this

my worries now are

My weight,,,gained over 10 kilos ,,, am eating less and cant seem to lose

my mental outlook

3 months ago I flipped out on a friend and almost lost the friendship,,, nothing violent but lot of nasty verbal abuse

a week again,,,happened again

I feel like such a complete idiot

dont know if it is the quitting smoking or if I am turning into a miserable nasty old man (i'm 70)

either way I need to understand and change this behavior

asides from all of this the staying quit has been going good

and shooting for 8 months now

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1 Comment

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  • Steve01 January 10, 2018 | 19:10
    215 days is a fantastic achievement EHW. congratulations for that. Can relate about the weight thing as I too gain 10kgs and having trouble losing it. I think although we're conscious about the weight, I reckon we're still eating bits and pieces here and there at the wrong time of the day when our metabolism isn't in full swing. I'm over 530 days or something now and still have moments and can get irritable but it passes quickly if I divert my thoughts to something else. But that's just me and possibly different for you and others.
    Doing great though...hang in there 😊

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