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no matter what

Posted in Quit experiences 08 Jan 2018
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1 week today..feel great..i have had no cravings for two days now..I am staying busy..exercising..swimming etc.I have little notes all around our home "No matter What..I WILL NOT SMOKE..No matter What!..I am proud of myself and all you should be too..remember..NO MATTER WHAT..

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  • Happiness December 29, 2018 | 11:19
    Hi colloguial. Just want to congratulate you on your upcoming 1 year. I too went cold turkey, and was an easy quit. I also come here to reinforce my quit although easy, the slips others have had do remind us where we will be if we had that ONE PUFF. Nicotine receptors will make homes in over 15 places in our minds.

    I see you took Lia's words in a way she didn't intend which leads me to your advice. As a cold turkey supporter, reading and researching and have even written pieces here about ripping the band-aid off or jumping in rather than the teeth clenching wading in. I saw an article today that basically says that NRT;s prolong the agony, and i do agree. I cut down 3 days prior to cold turkey, and jumped because i felt i was ready and to prolong it would just get harder. I didn't even wait for my quit date. While i am here in hopes that i can encourage people through to successful quits, the last thing i want to do is discourage some. However, on the other hand, maybe they will jump finally,.... I so do want to end the suffering. What to do? Please reply. Reply here where anyone else is likely to see our chats. Thanks

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