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New Years Caution

Posted in Hints and tips 31 Dec 2017

Happy New Year wishes to all fellow quitters. It's the festive season and even long term ex-smokers are at risk with the weakness of willpower alcohol brings and parties with friends. Use this time to exercise you're willpower muscle and walk away wherever possible from compromising situations.

If someone offers you a cigarette just say thanks...geez those things are pretty expensive these days but thanks I don't smoke anymore.

And remember to stay alert for the rest of the holiday period. There will be lots of new years resolutioners deciding to finally quit..Don't be a quitter having to start over again. I've been there several New Years ago and its depressing start at the bottom of the slippery slope again.

Good luck to all of you. 😊

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  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney December 31, 2017 | 17:27
    Hey Steve .....Happy New Year mate to you and everyone on this site. I have been offered smokes by friends so many times but i just say "i don't smoke" and you should see the look i get cause they knew i was a chimney. Yeah, tell you the truth the smell of smokes these days knock s me out. I ask myself did it smell like that to others when i smok ed? embarracing it must have been. Also the cost today in this country is way over the top.....don't think i will be going back. You and me are nearly 18mths quit now so stick to it mate. All the best to everyone on this site. Cheers.
  • Steve01 December 31, 2017 | 17:59
    Happy NYs to you too Johnny. I reckon there is a help quit smoking "book title" in your comment there buddy "I was once a chimney" ha ha.
    See you on the other side in 2018 mate.
  • LizaRokka, Northern Sydney March 01, 2018 | 16:22
    Interesting read. Have people coming over on Saturday. It will be great to say "I don't smoke". I noticed after nearly 2 weeks now smoke-free my fitness has improved. Are you still on track?
  • Steve01 March 03, 2018 | 19:06
    Hey LizaRokka... Yep, still going strong thanks. Yeah you are going to feel heaps better with each passing week. Thanks for checking on me 😊

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