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Day 3

Posted in Quit experiences 20 Dec 2017

I'm on Day 3 - I'm finding the Anxiety getting better to handle - My Emotions are under control and I also went to the Doc to get a health check up for peace of mind.

It's all a process. It can be really intimidating, quitting this stuff. But you have to do it!

Sometimes you might even find your brain trying to justify having just "one" puff ect. There is no justification.

Let's get this! I can't wait for one full week! I'm excited!

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  • Jakeman , Northern Sydney December 20, 2017 | 9:52
    You're doing well if the anxiety is already decreasing. Honestly within a week the anxiety will be a memory and you'll be sleeping better, less weird dreams, no night sweats etc. But it does get harder - Its not the weed but the cigarettes that you'll be craving. The anxiety keeps you from picking up the cigarettes now - but once that's gone you'll need something else. I almost had a cigarette yesterday - but luckily there were none in the house and the desire wasn't so great that I was prepared to go the shops.
  • SianD09 December 21, 2017 | 11:09
    OMG! Your comment over the justification of one Puff, today is my first day and i have had 2 episodes where i just had 4 puffs this morning and 3 puffs with the ladies at work...I'm now sucking on a Candy Cane and pretending i'm smoking with it. I've had a small cry also.

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