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1 year

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Dec 2017

Still going well, still take chewing gum now and again. I had a mail from I Can Quit reminding me it was a year and telling me my risk of heart disease is halved compared to continuing smokers. The health benifits and the money saved are just great motivators. The freedom you get is amazing!

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  • jenno211058 December 05, 2017 | 21:28
    Well done Dougie52,
    what a great personal achievement...
  • Lia December 05, 2017 | 21:38
    Hi Dougie52. This is huge! A year is a great achievement and if you can do that you are going to be on a trail of success. Doubt if you are willing to take a backwards step. Trust you will continue to report back about your success and therefore inspire and reassure others it can be done.
  • Steve01 December 06, 2017 | 11:11
    Congrats Dougie. My successfully quit friends used to say that once you reached the 1 year mark, it was pretty smooth sailing thereafter. They were right.
  • choco December 30, 2017 | 21:48
    well done dougie,one year what a great achievement.

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