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Doesn't matter if you fail, fail again, fail better

Posted in Hints and tips 01 Dec 2017

I was smoker for more than 7 years and then i was smoke free for two years. but then i thought i can manage it to smoke sometimes, after a while i was again smoker. the most important thing: not even one puff, in party or in any other situation, you can drink as much as you want but not nicotine again, no cigarette but if you smoked it, it is not the end of the world, you can stop it the day after. don't think that everything is fuc..ed up and you failed. you have to just forget it and stay smoke free.

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  • Brooky December 01, 2017 | 19:26
    Dear Sepideham,

    Here is a motivational quot for you!

    Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising up every time we fail Ralph Waldo Emerson Most people, who have quit smoking, have had at least one unsuccessful try in the past. It is not important how many times you try to quit. The only important thing is, that eventually you stay quit.
  • penelopen December 04, 2017 | 0:52
    i smoked for 8 years and then quit for for 7 months. Now i've smoked again for the last 6 months but i quit again two weeks ago. It's such a slippery slope- i started with single drags of a friends cigarette and a few months later i was buying packs. It feels really good to start the process again for me though, hope you're feeling that too.

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