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Eventually I QUIT

Posted in Quit experiences 19 Nov 2017
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I took decades to quit, but it's done. I am in my third week of being a free and independant person. I haven't had bad cravings. Maybe that's because I cut right down. A packet of twenty lasted me eight days. Then I wouldn't smoke for ten days. This time I feel more confident in the commitment I have made to not smoking again. Each day it is getting easier to make the decision that I will not smoke today. I am finding I have less opportunities to smoke because I forget and get on with my day. At times I wonder where I fitted it in?

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1 Comment

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  • Red-67 January 20, 2018 | 5:26
    About time :) Don't look back.. Make smoking just a memory of something stupid you did, for too long. Make that smoke something you do NOT WANT, not something you can't have.. And stay free :)

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