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799 days

Posted in Quit experiences 14 Nov 2017

799 days smoke free and still cant believe I’ve quit after 53 years contaminating my lungs and poisoning my blood.

I used to be a 30 a day smoker and really had given up giving up. Then my wife had to have a triple heart bypass. The guilt of smoking was so bad I finally quit.

It took a seismic change of attitude that worked eventually. I believe that my long relationship with nicotine was almost a suicidal pact for whatever reason.

Seeing my wife in the intensive care ward after her operation was my moment of enlightenment. The selfish act of smoking had to stop. How much did my smoking contribute to her illness ? I will never know. But the smoking habit had to stop. Once I was freed of the indecision about quitting it was so much easier. Thanks to all those here that have given me the help I needed to quit.

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  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney November 15, 2017 | 8:20
    Hi Dobbin........felt sorry for your concern about your wife and i am glad she is now well. Dobbin you cannot blame yourself in any way about passive smoking towards your wife. Years back there was no knowledge people could be effected by passive smoking. I for one used to smoke in my mum's house as did everyone else for that matter but mum never smoked in her whole lifetime. We cannot say that we contributed to her illness. I for one believe that it is God's rulings in these matters. I like you smoked for 53yrs and been quit now 16 mths. Rest assured Dobbin these things sadly happen but it is no one's fault. Congratulations on the time you been quit. Cheers mate.
  • dhyana November 15, 2017 | 9:24
    Thank you Dobbin for sharing your story!

    I realise that smoking is so addictive. when smoking we take a risk of having a disease. It is not you. It is the addiction that made you were doing. It is sad when you noticed that.

    30 - 40 years back many people where smoking. In the Netherlands you put some sigarettes in a glass on the table on your birthday in the 60s. At that time it was very normal. Nowadays we know much more about the danger of smoking.

    You need courage to get rid of an addiction. And you did :-)
    800 days! WAUW!
  • Dobbin November 15, 2017 | 10:40
    Thanks Both for your comments. You are right as attitudes to smoking were relaxed all those years ago. Even my doctor had an ashtray in her surgery. However , both mine and my wife’s father died young from heart attacks. Hopefully the next generation will “ get it “.
  • jenno211058 November 15, 2017 | 21:49
    Great achievement.
    2025, i think thats the year forcast that Australia will be "Smoke Free..."
  • jenno211058 November 16, 2017 | 9:46
    I am 793 days as of the 16th November...who would of thought, aye.
  • Dobbin November 16, 2017 | 9:51
    Well done Jenno 👋up and away. Brilliant effort and great you are still posting here.
  • Kazzza November 23, 2017 | 11:20
    Hi all I'm now day 9 and I'm really struggling . When does the craving go away, I really thought I was in control however the last 24 hrs have been extremely difficult. I have had a session of Hypnotherapy to get me started but I am now feeling anxious. Any tip will be helpful

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