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We can do this !!!!!

Posted in Quit experiences 11 Nov 2017

Well everyone I’m on day 11 and 🚭 no smoking ... yeah!!! I still feel a bit nauseous but the champix are a great help... plus my willpower has been strong... but the biggest help is I’m around NOBODY that smokes... I think that is the key !!! It’s not easy, especially after dinner when I crave a smoke ... but I really hope it gets easier not harder as time goes on??? Xxx

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  • Ronyag, Nepean Blue Mountains November 11, 2017 | 19:02
    I'm the same with you, not having anyone around me who smokes, here at home & at work has helped me a lot. I went to the shopping centre the other day though & walked past the smokers area expecting to get a big craving but it actually had the complete opposite affect. I was so happy & relieved about that.

    You're doing well Mandy. Every new day is one step away from that demon. xxx
  • dhyana November 11, 2017 | 20:41
    I had the same experience as Ronyag. I was around smokers and felt happy I did not have to do anymore. It was strange seeing people with a stick in their mouth ;-))

    It is not easy but better times will come :-) Stay positive. Enjoy walking the path to real freedom.

    You are doing great!
  • Flora November 12, 2017 | 22:50
    I quit by using Champix because my husband smokes and I found it very hard to quit without some kind of help. Proud to say that I have been smoke free for 18 months, after 30 plus years of smoking, although a light smoker.
    When i see people out and about smoking, i feel sorry for them and am so glad that im not them.
    Keep up the great fight and well done so far.
    Cheers :D
  • Moonbeam November 16, 2017 | 21:45
    I'm with you Mandy -same stage - no nausea - not around smokers. Keep tracking.

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