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Why the **** do I still craving for smoke

Posted in Quit experiences 25 Oct 2017

Hi guys, so this is it. Today is 52nd day of being smoke free. I am a lot healthier, I can breath easier, the air smells fantastic and foods really taste delicious for me. But what really bothers me is that I still have that craving for cigarette. Starting from the 7th week (day 45) this craving is becoming a lot stronger and harder to persist. But no worries I'm still smoke free and fighting this nemesis of ours. Just want to share my story so that any of you guys who is about to reach this day can be prepared for this new level of cravings (for me). So it's about a week already this craving bothers me and still hasn't gone. Let's see if I'm strong enough to get through this level. Really feels to light up a cigar while writing this. Are there any of you guys experience this? Looking forward to stories & experience from people who already pass this 52nd day journey of quit smoking. Regards. Oh and I go cold turkey for this journey. Thanks!

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  • This is more excuses , Hunter New England October 25, 2017 | 19:09
    Hey I know what your mean,46 days smoke free for me. I was a smoker for 34 years and I am really finding hard to handle stress at work. Whenever i got stressed out in the past I would go out for a smoke but now.....i take deep breaths, drink water and remind myself why I dont smoke again. Good luck lol we can do this :)
  • Red-67 October 26, 2017 | 5:58
    Well, by now, assuming you are not using any NRTs, your body is free of nicotine, and it is just the habit, that you still see as that old friend.. Learn to think like a non smoker. That backstabbing FRIEND,, took your money, your time, and your health.!. Really know that you do not WANT another one..
    Now, if you are on any NRT, yes, you will still have cravings. Your body / mind, will continue to crave nicotine, as long as it gets some. Those cravings will not be gone, until there is NO nicotine.. Hope this helps :)

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