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19 days and counting

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Oct 2017

Hey ladies & gents

This will be the last of my daily entry's as I'm starting to forget to do each entry haha

I will just post on milestones or if I need help!

Day eleven - I had an ok sleep, I’m starting to only wake up a couple times now and managing to fall asleep reasonably fast again, still need to buy those new pillows! Today was a crappy day though… I was very irritable, and very snappy, but I don’t appreciate being spoken to as if I am stupid. So maybe it was just normal to get snappy and quitting smoking had nothing to do with it. Was very keen on my fitness challenge today to get rid of some anger. But she cancelled because she got bogged.. I kept a positive mind though.

Day twelve - Got a reasonable sleep last night, only woke up twice, it did take me awhile to fall back to sleep, but that was because my fiancé and the dog were both snoring , today was a bad day, I was so angry at everyone and everything. I did my fitness challenge which was good, I ended up slipping up and lighting up a smoke, it was disgusting! I had about 4 drags of it and then chucked it away. I felt sick afterwards and laid down as soon as I stood up I power chucked, and it was the most painful spew I have ever had so I don’t think I’ll get back on the smokes lol it’s still tough though but I’m pushing through.

Day Thirteen - Yay I got a decent sleep last night! I think because I had been so sick I just laid down and that was the end of me, todays Friday so I always feel better on Fridays knowing even if I get a crappy sleep I don’t have to get up early tomorrow. Today was a good day, I went home and relaxed on the couch with a few glasses of wine it was lovely!

Day fourteen - Grand Final day! This was an absolute great day! The tigers won the premiership so I was over the moon, sadly I celebrated way too much and ended up having a few puffs here and there on a smoke, ended up awfully sick that night, and it’s easier to blame the smokes then the booze haha!

Day fifteen - I was quite hungover today, so it was bed and relaxation for me. My sleeping has improved sort of and I’m no longer getting any sort of headaches, it’s all getting so much easier! I’m smelling and tasting things so much better, I feel as if I can breathe better!

Day sixteen - I think my champix are making me extremely ill, I took them this morning and nearly was vomiting all day and cramping up it was absoloutely awful!! I had to leave work early.. I thought I may not have had enough food with it. So I took it again that night and I was fine..

Day seventeen - I had four pieces of toast this morning to try my champix with even more food... Nope all day I was nearly vomiting once again and had to leave work again. So that’s it I’m throwing them away! I FINALLY went and brought new pillows today hoping this will fix my sleeping

Day eighteen - Today I didn’t have any champix and felt fine all day! Had an absolutely perfect sleep. I’ve not had a craving for a smoke for a long time now. I am thinking the worst is now over, and I can’t wait to get more active with my boot camp and become a lot healthier!

So after throwing away my champix and buying new pillows, my sleeping has improved and I'm starting to feel better! :)

Thanks everyone for all your support you will be hearing from me in the future :)

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  • Red-67 October 06, 2017 | 4:28
    Hey butters :)
    That's great ! Just be careful. As the Champix wears off, you opinion of the smokes may change.. But, at 19 / 20 days, you should be able to control yourself, and stay off them. The nicotine addiction is gone by now, but the long time habit may show it's ugly face. Be strong, and just make up your mind that you do NOT WANT one, EVER, and the cravings will be gone too :)
  • butters1996 October 06, 2017 | 8:20
    Hey Red
    Well i've been off the champix now 3 days, and i havent had a urge yet, ive put down the smokes and taken up exercise haha
    I never thought id make it this fsr and im so proud! :)
  • penelopejane October 06, 2017 | 23:38
    Well done, and keep it up. Persevere.
  • ronryan65, Western NSW October 07, 2017 | 17:04
    Hey Butters ,A good nights sleep is a great way to start your day and if you start your day off right and exercise and you'll have a good nights sleep and that's another day without a smoke you can keep doing this one day at a time, just be aware of your triggers, Good luck and always be proud of yourself...
  • ronryan65, Western NSW October 19, 2017 | 23:15
    Hey Butters just popped in to see hows it going I hope alls well.
  • butters1996 October 20, 2017 | 10:43
    Hey Ronryan, great alls going well, about to put up a new post :)

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