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73 days

Posted in Staying quit 29 Sep 2017

I know for some hitting this mile marker isnt much. Ive thought about quitting a hundred times. There was never really a good reason to actually quit. I always thought that I had plenty of time to quit. But then I realized why wait until the last minute when a doc is giving me a diagnosis that I HAVE to quit. How will I enjoy that time knowing I have to quit. I caught a basic cold with bronchitis and realized that is just a small glimpse of what it could end up feeling like.Today Ive hit 73 days and that is an amazing accomplishment to me.

Ive realized health wise I feel alot better and than mentally I dont have any anxiety attacks like I used to. I havent gained alot of weight like I expected to. Im happier with my life. My kids are happier being around me. My general quality of just feels alot better.

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  • Red-67 September 30, 2017 | 4:21
    Every mile marker is a big deal.. And 73 days is a really BIG one :)
    I hope, now, you can see that there never was a good reason to smoke.. Sure, as smokers, we would think like that, ( never really a good reason to actually quit. ) , but that was the nicodemon keeping us blind and stupid to what we were doing.. Don't look back, you never want to be that slave again.. Great job :)
  • WendyOhNo October 01, 2017 | 13:45
    WOW! 73 days already? i am so proud of you! I remember your first 14 days! I'm so glad you hung in there.

    PS, those mile markers are going to start coming faster and faster. :) Last Christmas, I was barely at 120 days. I'm at 403 now. It goes by FAST!

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