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2 years.

Posted in Quit experiences 28 Sep 2017

26th September 2015, was the day that smoking wasn't for me anymore, it has been quiet a journey but one i survived, and its very doable, once you learn to let go of a very false but reliable friend, apart from the $$$$$ saved, its also about not smelling of smoke, weather its in your house, car, clothing, hair., another great benefit is not having to make sure if leaving the house or work that i would have enough smokes to last me the duration, now its just grab my wallet n keys and off i go...

I am very proud of my achievement and would very much like to say this time next year i can write this same story.

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  • Lia September 28, 2017 | 21:36
    Yeah Jenno. A blast from the past and still enjoying all the benefits of being smoke free and not smelling like an ashtray. After 850 something days and $18400 sitting in my overs tray, I truly appreciate how huge this milestone is for you. I applaud all who are going the distance. That overs tray sure looks better than the ashtray we used to feed... And we may live longer and enjoy spending it in more clever ways. So glad we finally woke up. Look forward to hearing from you about your next milestone.
  • Dobbin September 29, 2017 | 16:47
    Hey Jenno. Really good to hear from you and a fantastic well done. Two years is a major result and I remember your early posts. 750 days for me and over the two years. Thanks for coming back to share your achievement. Dobbin.

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