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Oh Man Can't believe I slipped.

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Apr 2012

G'day all,

last night I slipped up in a big way on night shift. feeling crap about it this morning.

Thought I was doing really well on day ten, but for some reason my brain slipped into neautral.

It's made me stop and think if I want to be a smoker or not and my whole brain and body is screaming at me to quit, there's no way I want to continue smoking.

I've chucked the pack in the bin and just finished reading all your guys great stories.

So now back to day one!

How much of this ridiculous habit/addiction can a man take?

Please wish me luck Because I'm feeling pretty average right now.

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  • Gayld, Northern NSW April 05, 2012 | 13:43
    Don't be so hard on yourself chief,just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again (I believe that comes from on old song)! You can make it happen, go for it and good luck!
    Hugs xxx
  • trish k, Central Coast April 05, 2012 | 15:21
    Chief, you can do this and yes don't be too hard on yourself it won't help. You got to day ten, so thats an achievement and you've proved that you can make it that far, start again and don't punish yourself, just be aware how easy that little voice can send you back, so take a day at a time and you'll get there. Good luck Chief, I'm day 90 so I know it can be hard at times.
  • Freakboy April 05, 2012 | 15:42
    Heh chief I'm a shift worker as well on day 93 cold turkey. I know how hard it is to stay focused on a night shift block. Hang in there mate !!!!!!
  • DianaDJ, South Eastern Sydney April 05, 2012 | 16:39
    Never give up giving up! Sometimes you need to take 1 step back to take 2 steps forward.

    Best wishes, you can do it! xx
  • chief, South Eastern Sydney April 05, 2012 | 16:59
    Thank you everyone for your support, it means a lot, and really does help.
    It is amazing how much better I feel already with the ciggies in the bin!!
    This battle will be won.
  • MickeyJ, Southern NSW April 05, 2012 | 19:38
    You won 10 days ago when you made the decision to quit! You'll be right. You know now what sort of situations you are weakest in and you'll be better prepared to deal with it next time.
  • Gam, Hunter New England April 05, 2012 | 21:26
    Hey Chief,
    Its all a learning curve. we are all learning to be non-smokers again, dont beat your self up about your slip up, at the end of the day you cant change whats happened, so just move on. Hopefully you have learned where your weakness lies and now will be better prepared.Its one crazy mindgame this road we are on, But eventually we come out the other end.
    Just keep focused and stay strong.
    good luck buddy :)
  • Roseyk April 05, 2012 | 22:09
    Everyone above has summed it up very well. Onwards and upwards Chief, you will be O.K. You can do it!!!!
  • chief, South Eastern Sydney April 06, 2012 | 11:19
    Thanks again everyone, it's good to be back on track!!
  • Pauly, South Eastern Sydney April 07, 2012 | 20:42
    Chief!, mate? I say well done, you have done so well. Better then me who haven't even tried yet. My day is tomorrow and it is comments such as yours and everyone else's that inspire me. I can only dream about breathing easy, you are living it.
    Pauly.(getting very nervous now)
  • Bron357 April 15, 2012 | 22:15
    Hi, don't give up on giving up. I must have slipped up more than a dozen times on my journey to becoming a non smoker. Don't beat yourself up, just keep focused on "now", you are now a "non smoker". Good luck and be kind to yourself.

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