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Day one

Posted in Getting started 13 Sep 2017

Day one. 21mg patch this morning, who else has felt sick and like their mate punched them in the arm where the patch is?

Just had dinner looking for something to do to fill the emptiness?

Probably not the only person here that's had similar experiences.... I've heard day three is the killer.

Any advice on this?


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  • latarnya, Hunter New England September 13, 2017 | 20:57
    I been quit for 33 has not been an easy journey.I found in the early days nicorette gum helped me through strong cravings. About a week ago I used gumagain.The good news is it gets easier and less cravings as days go by..keep strong and congrats .Quitting is the best decision u made..the benefits u will feel in a few days will amaze u .good luck with ur quit
  • Dougie52 September 14, 2017 | 0:32
    Withdrawl cravings peak at three days and should then subside. The icky 3's are the worst, 3 days 3 weeks and 3 months. It will get better, hang in there and bear with it.
  • Red-67 September 14, 2017 | 8:24
    Hi Lachym :)
    Feeling sick, in the beginning, is one thing, but I don't know about pain on the patch site ?? Maybe your body doesn't like it ? ?
    The physical withdrawal can be different to each person, and also depends on the NRT.. From what I have read, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for nicotine to completely clear the system.. That is for cold turkey.. NRTs will extend that time. Nothing wrong with using them.. Just understand, as long as you give your body nicotine, it will crave it.. But, you can separate the physical symptoms from craving or wanting a smoke. Don't think like a smoker that can't have one.. KNOW, in your mind, that you do NOT want to be that slave any more.. Know that you do not WANT to smoke.. Yes, you will feel crazy / miserable at times, but it will pass like the flu, or a bad cold. It is all in your mind.. You will not crave something you do NOT WANT.. Right ?? It worked for me... I had 3 really miserable weeks of withdrawal, from the nicotine, and the habit, but never really craved, or wanted a smoke. I quit because I did not WANT to be a smoker any more, after 45 years. You can do it too..
  • Lachym88, South Western Sydney September 14, 2017 | 19:33
    Latarnya, dougie and red.
    Thanks for your support. On day 2 now. Got about 3 minutes sleep last night.
    Absolutely struggling at the moment. No issues with the patch today no dizziness. Changed arm and only minor pain occasionally. Must just be adapting to the new method of nicotine. Day three will be tomorrow (Friday) really worried about going to a friends place for drinks. I figure grab the bull by the horns. Gonna have to deal with social situations sooner or later hey.
    Cheers again guys
  • Dougie52 September 14, 2017 | 23:26
    I'd avoid alcohol, you're tired, the cravings are bad, it's all to easy to slip up in the early stages.
  • Tamz84, Hunter New England September 16, 2017 | 17:16
    I had this when I tried them, by day 3 I had a huge rash and bruise. I went to the doctor and found out I was allergic to them. You shouldn't give up quitting, but you should use something other than the patches.

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