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Don't let it catch you off guard

Posted in Quit experiences 12 Sep 2017

This is the longest I have gone without uploading a post. Next week I will reach 9 months smoke free from going cold turkey. I have noticed that cravings seem to come and go in waves. For the past week I have had pretty intense cravings and the frequency is only increasing. I have no explanation as to why the cravings are getting stronger and more frequent except I have been around smokers more over the past month. I read something that is actually helping me through the cravings. The poster said that she has told herself that she will allow herself to start smoking again at "xx" age if she is still craving and having the desires to smoke. This actually helps me out for whatever reason. Everyone has different reasons and methods for quitting and what works for some might not make any sense or work for others.

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  • latarnya, Hunter New England September 12, 2017 | 19:18
    Keep being strong.don't give in too the Mr nicotine..... U inspire us !!!
  • Dobbin September 14, 2017 | 17:27
    Hi Notthistime. These cravings do get less and not so intense just keep going and you will eventually be ok. You are well over the real difficulties of the early days. I am now over two years quit and remember the nine months period when , like you , I was frustrated by the cravings that seem to come back. I did not dwell on them and quickly tried to do something positive. Good luck

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