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Hunter New England

cold turkey or nrt

Posted in Staying quit 10 Sep 2017

Wow I come to my 31st day of quitting.Never thought I would make it this far I have not had 1 puff......BUT I started with patch then added gum.Was going OK so stopped using patch and gum.Cravings were less but came very intense so I start lozengens.....I have 2 a day sometimes less and other days none. I have found my journey difficult at times but I have made my 1st month.....SMOKE FREE after smoking for 30 years!

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  • Robn September 10, 2017 | 13:49
    Amazing, well done to you........what a great achievement...
    Once you have the mind set right....the rest comes quite easily. The more distance you put between yourself and your last cigarette, the easier it gets. I had smoked for 48 years and love the feeling of being free of them.
    Stay strong and focused on your is all worth it.
  • latarnya, Hunter New England September 10, 2017 | 13:55
    I feel the best I ever felt health wise and thanks for the encouragement.

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