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Just made it to two years ...

Posted in Staying quit 27 Aug 2017

It was two years ago last week that I had my last cigarette and I cannot quite believe that I've made it this far. Nor can most of the people around me. Last night I dreamt that I had smoked. In stressful situations I still think of a cigarette. On Friday nights, I think, 'wouldn't it be lovely ...'. However, each of those instances last somewhere between 10 seconds and 60 seconds. A deep breath or two calms me in a traffic jam, and being inside on a winter's Friday night is far better than out on the street. And my quit calculator says that I have saved $16K which is more than I have saved before.

It must be different for everyone as I know some have found it easier than others (and me) to forget about smoking. What happened to me was that the first 100 days were pretty tough and I got through with the help of Zyban and, most especially, the support of fellow quitters on this forum. We did it together and when the rest of the world didn't understand what I felt like, everyone here did. Huge thanks to all of you.

As Red said in a post this week, it is a battle of the mind and the thing that helped me fight that battle was dogged determination. Whenever something bad happened (and it did), I would instantly wish I smoked and then, just as soon as that thought came into my head, I would say 'Not Now'. Delaying for five minutes meant that I forgot the urge.

So now I do not feel like a pariah, out the back at work. I don't have to suck mints all day long in the vain attempt to hide smoker's breath and I am not worried when someone invites me away for a weekend, wondering where and when I will be able to smoke.

Most of all it is a wish/dream come true. How I used to wish that I would be able to say to people 'No, I don't smoke'. Now I can. And on those few occasions when I have been asked, I am so thrilled to say 'No, I don't smoke'. It's a good feeling that makes those first three or so months worth it.

Again, I would not have achieved this without the people on this site so my sincere thanks to 'posters' past and present.

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  • Berard March 13, 2018 | 3:08
    Is it really possible that medical cannabis helps you to quit smoking. I dont really know its this is true but this just came in to me. I've read a strange article here in that says cannabis helps you to quit smoking but i forgot where that article is now. I just want to ask you guys if you ever tried using madical marijuana yourself? Thanks!
  • jenno211058 August 29, 2017 | 0:09
    Fullofhope, what a great personal achievement and inspiration to others.
  • Lia August 28, 2017 | 22:41
    Hi Fullofhope. So good to know you travelled the road to success and did not waver. I am so glad I was propped up by fellow hopeful quitters over 2 years ago. Touch wood, hope I never go back there. And no doubt you obviously do too. Ditto to everything you have said in your post. All reverberates loudly to fellow long term quitters. Let's stay free of this past nicodemon. Power to you, Fullofhope.
  • Steve01 August 28, 2017 | 11:10
    Excellent progress and a great read. Like you say... now being in a position to actually say... "No I don't smoke", really is a good feeling. I love it now that I can visit friends for dinner and not sit there stressing about an opportunity to slip out back for a sly smoke then be stressed about the smell all over me when I return to the dining table pretending that people won't notice.
  • Flora August 27, 2017 | 17:17
    That's awesome, well done!! Loved reading your story. It sure is wonderful to think as a non smoker and BE a non smoker. Im at 15.5 months smoke free and quit method was Champix although I didnt do the whole program, it was enough for me to be successful.
    Cheers :D

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