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Where is the quitters flu?

Posted in Quit experiences 06 Aug 2017

I keep waiting, and have been, for the past year and two weeks for the quitters flu to come. I'm sure that I'm meant to get it, I smoked for 24 or so years so I am sure I have some yucky lungs - but its just not happening. Why? I ask myself. Why am I not coughing up all that icky stuff now that my lungs are no longer being tarred on an hourly basis.

A work colleague told me that it could take 6 months for the gunk to start cleaning out - Ummm that was over 6 months ago!! Am I lucky in not getting it or maybe its not a good thing to not get it?? I am confused and still waiting..........

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  • Zandyness, Hunter New England August 06, 2017 | 18:42
    Hiya Cranky!
    I don't know what happened to mine either but every now and again, maybe once a week or so, I have a little cough. I can say for sure that I have more trouble having a proper cough since I quit. I just do this feeble little 'huh' and no matter how I try, I can't get a proper lungs in cough.
    I think the system must have it's own way of eliminating the junk, otherwise we are screwed, my friend!
  • Cranky76 August 06, 2017 | 22:15
    Oh Zandyness, God I laughed when I read your reply! Let's hope we're not screwed..
  • Red-67 August 06, 2017 | 22:53
    Too funny :)
    I guess we are just all different. Some, do seem to have more than others.. I am nearing 6 months, and have a minor productive cough, first thing in the morning. But then, I think that may just be sinuses ? ? Hospitals, sometimes use a tool / gauge thing, to test, or force long hard inhales.. If you can pull in a long deep breath, as much as you can, and it does not result in a cough, good chance, your lungs are clear ? Maybe we will live :)
  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney August 07, 2017 | 14:59
    Cranky, smokers's flu is actually a term used for all the withdrawls ,irritability and the new adjustments your body must make when you quit smoking. It is not a health issue type of flu. Everyone reacts different. I myself after nearly 13mths quit still have the occasional cough but mostly dry. A check at Doctor's revealed lungs were clear. The cough is brought about by change in temperature, breathing in types of chemicals etc. When people have smoked the damaged caused in the airways causes them to narrow and is not reversible , it can only be arrested with medication.Continuing to smoke will create high range copd.Cranky, rest assured that the body cleans itself and sometimes this happens with no signs whatsoever. I also totally agree with Red's post. Cheers all the best.
  • WendyOhNo August 08, 2017 | 8:53
    I didnt cough up any junk either. Just quit hacking and having that awful smokers hack, but never actually coughed anything up.
  • Berend August 31, 2017 | 11:27
    i am on 15 days and never had that cought . just a litle once or twice a week nothing more .

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