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Rohit K

19 th day today

Posted in Staying quit 07 Jul 2017

So today is my 19 th day..... not sure if the pasing of days have slowed down or am I just focussing on crossing the 1 month ( Not even a single puff ) hurdle. have quit cold turkey for the first time, what has been working for me is chewing cardamom ( one at a time, but almost throughout the day ) . I do get the cravings, but I guess being a runner and feeling the running performance getting better itself is rewarding for me. All the best, do the daring, keep moving....... I am sure there is nothing which will make you look back again.

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  • Lia July 07, 2017 | 19:39
    Hi Rohit. I must say if you quit cold turkey then there is probably no way you would like to take a backwards step. Knowing how hard the first few minutes, hours etc were why would you. It is a rollercoaster ride and having notched up 750 more days than you, I truly understand where you are. !9 days is more of a shock to the system than 769... Just think, every day will give you more power to continue. No one says it is easy. Just do it. Don't look back. Others have. Why not you!
  • WendyOhNo July 09, 2017 | 2:54
    Hi Rohit,

    Yup, the first month seems to take forever. But, the good news is that once you hit 30 days, it doesn't seem to slow down much for quite a while. I'm on day 320 and am so much looking forward to day 365, that it seems like time is dragging. Its about hitting those benchmarks - our minds make it seem its longer than it actually is.

    At around the 70-80 day mark (maybe sooner), you won't count every day. You may even forget for a day or two to look at your calendar or phone app.

    Keep focusing on the benefits of more stamina when running.

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