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Grim Reaper knocking

Posted in Reasons to quit 04 Jul 2017

To date I've saved over $43,000-00 having quit 1933 days ago.

Last year I had massive heart attack and ended up with major heart surgery (CABG X 4). I had previously been a smoker since the age of 12 (for 55 years). The only reason I survived was the fact that my lungs and circulatory system had enough time heal itself before operation - I am first to admit I pushed it to the limit but, so will anyone that doesn't quit NOW, before they have to hear the Grim Reaper knocking.

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  • Red-67 July 05, 2017 | 4:09
    Hate to hear about the heart problems, but 43 k ? Wow !
    Have you calculated what you spent on them in 55 years ?
    Here, in the States, I was still smoking for less than $2us pack..
    I figure my total for 45 years was about $20,000 us, figuring average from the beginning. So, in 5 months, I have saved less than $ 300 us. I did estimate, that I had spent over 30,000 hours actually smoking ! How could we have been so stupid ?? Really crazy when we can look back...
  • PallMall , South Western Sydney July 05, 2017 | 9:12
    Red-67, It literally was a waste of time and money - Back in the Fifties cigarettes were costing around one cent each, currently in Australia they cost over one dollar each. In todays money it works out at over a quarter of a million dollars that I've spent on polluting the World around me, with the only one to benefit being the Tax man by around two hundred thousand dollars - As you said we were stupid.
  • Red-67 July 05, 2017 | 9:36
    Yep, most of the cost is taxes, and when I started, they were about same, maybe 2 cents each.. But, imagine, if everybody quit, our governments would be short billions ! Then they would have to tax alcohol even more :(
  • Moonbeam December 03, 2017 | 11:40
    I understand this. Big time. I reckon I spent more than $50,000 over 50 years of smoking. That's a new car! So far I've saved a hub cap. I'm hoping my body recovers too. When I lived in China the cigarettes I smoked cost $2.50 a pack and cost was never an incentive to quit.
    I figure I've paid the cost of a few operations in taxes.
  • kath55 February 04, 2018 | 0:12
    Hi Pall Mall & Moonbeam, I have been quit 277 days, I smoked for about 45yrs, I am saving heaps, I don;t have to go to the bank, I go when I need to, & not because I need smokes, I am so happy I found this site, & people like yourselves. Although some day's I feel like my body will never recover from the abuse of smoking, I will never go back to smoking, but some days I think I felt healthier when I smoked, & that is scaring me, Is my whole body trying to rid itself of the nicotene addiction. xx
  • PallMall , South Western Sydney February 04, 2018 | 0:33
    Kath55, you've done the hard bit now you just have to keep it up. I personally believe the Nicotine addiction a "State of Mind" rather than a chemical dependence. The body will recover from the years of abuse to a certain point, although the circulatory system and skin (largest organ in the body) will never be the same as a non-smoker. Fortunately my lungs had recovered enough to allow the Doctors to jump start me again. But I was extremely lucky to have survived against the odds.

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