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Posted in Staying quit 23 Jun 2017

Hi Quitter fellows.....

First time in life someone calling me a quitter making me feel proud. Guys I am on 45th day, with almost no craving at all, ya fe side effect of weight gain and craving for more sweet has established, but i know i can handle these side effect in time to come. important was to getaway from craving so with each craving i started eating food....snacks, candies, blah blah.......

today i was on portal again reading some of the stories, and i tell you guys, with each experience if it is 100th day or 1000th day or even 1st day, my confidence goes strong.......and I know if my experience can help some one to quit for even one day it will be very encouraging. Same way i know my slip at this stage can hamper many potential quitters who are just waiting for someone from us to share the slip story...this is how we are connected.......this is how we go strength by strength. So oguys think this way, your one day of non smoking is adding some non smoking moments of quit in others life, and one your slip is ruining the whole advantage of what you have credited to other's......choice is is yours.........we are yours....think and think and think and please say no to smoke today and always remain so.

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  • Lia June 23, 2017 | 21:52
    Hi GAUR. You so get it. Being on this site you realise someone is trying to imitate your journey and gets strength from your words. Similarly slip ups can truly hamper someone else's resolve to quit. It is a huge responsibility. Following early attempts it is a sad truth that only about 4 % - 5% actually stay quit for any length of time. So the individual must be aware of this and decide how sincere they are. I have been so disappointed as over the course of 2 years 100's have fallen by the wayside. I often wonder if they pick themselves up and dust themselves down and try again.
  • Red-67 June 25, 2017 | 22:05
    Hey Gaur ! 45 days... That's wonderful :)
    It's interesting. I have not given in to the snaking, if anything eat less, and still have put on some weight.. I guess it is just the benefit of not having all that poison in the body ? ? But, better to have a little fat, than smoke :) ..
    So right, both of you :)
    Here, we are proud to be quitters :) We see so many, with one or two post, and then nothing.. We can hope, they just lost interest in coming here, but, they likely, fell back to the nicodemon.. Sad..
  • katiekeen , Western NSW July 13, 2017 | 11:20
    I think sometimes its ok not to post for a while as we deal with our own's important to realise that each of us has our own way of releasing our addiction and freeing ourselves.Many of us have attempted to quit previously, and cigarettes for me were so linked to emotions and reactions.They can appear to be a way to escape from stress or pain...we know that doesn't actually work, but it's a tough road. I send my universal love to all who are trying to quit, those who are succeeding and those who may have not yet been able to beat it.I am still struggling, and it can be REALLY unpleasant to say the least, but i don't want to make anyone feel bad if they have relapsed....try again and again and you will eventually get there. Thanks are great people!!

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