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17 weeks free from smoking..

Posted in Hints and tips 18 Jun 2017

I was out of town this week, for work, and ran into an old friend. Turns out that he had quit smoking a couple months ago.. But, like Des M. , it was not his choice. Less than an hour after his last smoke, he was in the hospital gasping for life.. A severe, and sudden, onset of C.O.P.D. ! I, like him, had no idea it could come on like that.. One day, you are active, working, happy smoker, and the next, you can't even get up a flight of stairs ! His doctor said, if he had quit, even a month before, he could have gotten better, but now it's too late.. So, if you are thinking about quitting, or already into your quit, just do it, and do it now. Like Des M. says, do it while it is still your choice ! Because,, apparently, it can be like that last straw. No warning.. That was one too many, and life as you knew it is over !!

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  • Johnnie , South Eastern Sydney June 18, 2017 | 12:25
    Hi Red.....yes some smokers believe they are bullet proof....but could be long time coming. Best to quit while you are ahead. We all need to get our brain kick enjoyment from elsewhere. Bye for now.
  • Lia June 19, 2017 | 22:31
    Hi Red67. What a powerful message. Trust that is a huge reminder to everyone reading your post. Even though I am over 2 years smoke free, I never cease to be surprised by the stories shared on this site. So many wake up calls...
  • Mike1972 June 21, 2017 | 1:34
    That's horrible news Red. Sorry to hear about your friend. Lia is right this is a huge wake up call. This could of been myself, my Doctor said I had COPD a few days before I quit. But then 2 weeks after I quit I was blessed and my lungs started clearing up. Now I'm fine and cardio exercising. I hope the same thing will happen to your friend and his lungs clear up as well.
  • ronryan65 , Western NSW October 19, 2017 | 22:45
    Hi Red, Just popped in to catch up I Hope alls well and Im glad I Quit before it was to late Day 35 for me and Im still purging, well after 35 years I guess its going to take awhile but I hanging in there. Hang in there Mate. Ron
  • ronryan65 , Western NSW October 27, 2017 | 5:29
    I am sorry to hear about your mate Red that's what probably would have happened to me, my lungs have just started to recover I'm just glad I give up when I did.
  • Puffer December 20, 2017 | 12:09
    Hi Red, This was a good read and a great wake up call. I have had difficulty breathing the last couple of years. Was diagnosed with Asthma and have been on preventative medicine ever since, was still smoking and deep down knew the real reason for my asthma was the smoking. I had smoked for 40 odd years and have just joined this group. I am now 19 days smoke free and so proud of myself. My breathing has improved immensely and I consider myself lucky I did not have to go to hospital with breathing issues. I am so determined not to smoke again as it has been so so difficult to get to this point. I hope your friend is recovering and improving also. Cheers

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