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can't fail

Posted in Quit experiences 12 Jun 2017

Hi.. I can not allow myself to fail

Smoked for 54 years and 3 packs of 20

Per day for many years

I am now on day 4 with no slip ups

Starting on day 1. I started to give

All kinds of crap to my smoking friends

About their disgusting dirty filthy vile habit

Truth be told their smoking does not really bother me

But finally I can pretend to be a self righteous holier than than thou. non smoker

Can you just imagine the crap I will have to put up with if I fail

Failing is not an option at this point

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  • Johnnie , South Eastern Sydney June 12, 2017 | 16:47
    Hi ehw and welcome. I was a smoker like you for 52 yrs but average 30 a day. Mate you just have to say ...the fun is not worry about your smoker is their life. You need to be strong .....early days ....are the hardest...but DOES get easier believe me. Mate, if you regress i think you will be more sorry for yourself rather than the laughter from your friends. Good Luck and stay tuned.
  • Lia June 12, 2017 | 20:58
    Hi ehw. That is a seriously big habit you are giving away. The rate you were putting them away may have lead to your demise. Now you can try to see what you may have missed had you persisted and taken the easy road. Am just over 2 years free having quit cold turkey. Just got sick of it all. Can be done. Just take it one day a time. After some time, the money you will have saved will be like a lotto win.

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