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Still smoke free!

Posted in Staying quit 20 Apr 2017

So I am just over 3 years smoke free (1102 days to be precise) and extremely proud. It's been a long hard journey and at times I have really struggled as my husband still smokes, but I have stayed strong and not given in to temptation. We have been able to buy a brand new car, (something we thought we could never do) because I no longer smoke. For everyone out there, don't beat yourself up if you slip up now and again. As long as you keep trying, that's what matters. It's taken me a long time and numerous attempts to give up, to finally get to this place. Baby steps is all it takes. Set little goals that lead up to the bigger goal you're aiming for.

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  • Ivan24 April 20, 2017 | 19:47
    Hi MG81,

    Congratulations on your huge achievement!

    I am on my 10 month mark, and can not wait to reach 1 year smoke free.

    This is true, no matter how many times you failed you must not give up on giving up smoking.

    I've tried and failed to quit around 50 times.

    For those who think that they will be miserable for the rest of their life once stopping smoking, it is exactly the opposite life is 10 times more fun without smoking.
  • Lia April 20, 2017 | 20:04
    Hi MG81. So good of you to return to remind the rest of us following in your footsteps that it is all possible. And Ivan24 also hit the nail on the head saying that life without nicotine greatly enhances ones life. How true. When giving up we tend to think about what we are missing out on. At some point we realise we can appreciate life on the other side of the cigarette packet. Posts on this site never cease to amaze me. Incredibly perceptive.
  • Steve01 April 20, 2017 | 21:30
    Thanks for the inspiring post MG81... 3 years seems such a long way from 9 months but you've reminded me and all of us that its achievable.
  • Lia April 20, 2017 | 21:57
    If I erred, I would have to beat myself up. Have saved over $14250. That has taken nearly 2 years. Would dread to think I could burn that in an ashtray for the next 2 years... Can't afford to waver.
  • Kim26 April 21, 2017 | 20:25
    Hey MG so well done!!
    You're a true inspiration 😃
  • Red-67 April 22, 2017 | 6:14
    Great job ! And don't it feel good !
    It's a shame your hubby can't see the light, but, we know.. Nothing anybody can say or do ! It has to come from inside. He is still a slave to a **** little tube of tobacco, just as all of us were.. SAD really. :(
  • Hfareh April 27, 2017 | 16:48
    I am still at almost 24 hours smoke free and I have to say that reading all these positive words is making it easier on me.

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