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You CAN do this.

Posted in Hints and tips 17 Apr 2017

I remember watching non smokers and wondering how they did it. How did they not smoke after a meal? It seemed impossible to me, the thought of being eating and not instantly needing/wanting /thinking of a cigarette seemed very foreign. How was I going to be able to sleep, drink alcohol or even be able to be around smokers if I quit?

How would I handle a crappy day at work? handle a crisis? How could I ever drive a car without smoking? Or God forbid even go in the outside air????

It was all running through my mind and I panicked on these things for so long, worried and for years I didn't quit because of fear of the above.

Now, 263? Days later I just roll my eyes at those thoughts. It really is all possible and after the 6 months mark (for me) it's become so much easier and I rarely have any cravings. I don't miss it, I don't crave it and I can drink, be around smokers and I'm not bothered. I was quite a heavy smoker for over 20 years and I have a very stressful life. If I can do it I honestly believe anyone can. You have to want to do it, not just think that would be great or feel pressured but genuinely want to quit. Once you're at this stage add a lot of stubbornness and keep very busy, use this site to be motivated, to motivate others and to vent.

Will it be easy? - No. if it was then we wouldn't need a site like this.

Is it worth it?- Totally and unequivocally Yes. It's empowering to no longer be controlled by an expensive and exceptionally dangerous drug.

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  • Johnnie , South Eastern Sydney April 17, 2017 | 21:44
    Hi Cranky, yes i too often study non smokers and also their habits and it does ring through my mind...."how do they not do" the things i once did in situations where i was dying for a smoke. I know now also why i was at times getting bad looks from non smokers when i smoked. The smell of smoke now irritates me but i do not condemn smokers....because only he/she need to realise it is not good in the same way you,me and many others have realised. Just past 9mths now and cravings for me are rare also. Problem i am working on is the "Habit" which is locked in my subconscience. Good Luck.
  • Red-67 April 18, 2017 | 4:01
    Yep, Cranky, you hit it on the head. You MUST really WANT to stop..
    No reasons to quit matter. We all know that nobody should smoke, in the first place. It's like pulling out a splinter, or an ingrown toenail. You know it will hurt, but it feels so good when it's out. You have to do for yourself. Now, my only thought about smoking is,, I WON ! I BEAT IT ! I'M FREE :) Too bad we can't just give that to someone else..
  • Lia April 18, 2017 | 18:09
    Hi Cranky76. These days when I smell cigarette smoke, instead of visualising me smoking, I feel sorry for that individual who is also suffering being a social outcast. No one is tossing out the smoker, strangely, it is the smoker who is alienating themself from a social setting. Would be interesting to hear of those who have achieved social acceptance. How is this different? Might be a guiding light for the younger enlighteded visitors to this site.

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